Thank you for your patience while the shop had been closed over the past six weeks.

It’s been a funny old time and although I don’t feel quite as rested as I’d hoped, I have managed to tick some important admin jobs off of my list, restock the shop and get stuck in to some new creative projects.

So, I wanted to give you an update on just some of the exciting things that are coming your way in 2021, and an update about a few changes to the Organised Chaos with Kids offering.

Play kits and play dough

After months of making 100s (if not 1,000s!) of tins of Snow White play dough for Christmas, I am so excited to be bringing back some of your favourite play doughs and play kits.

In the shop you’ll find the fairy, unicorn, dinosaur, paleontology, construction and space play kits once again. You’ll be able to buy the doughs from these kits separately, as well as a full spectrum of super bright, fruity scented play dough too.

See our play kits here

Play mats

Our festive play dough mats were so popular in the run up to Christmas that I’m delighted to bring you five different sets of wipe clean play mats (a set for each different theme of play kit) that will be live as soon as we re-open.

They’re the perfect little add-on to our play kits, or you can buy them separately with your choice of play dough and dough cutter set. I’ve had so much fun designing these with Casey from Festive Fingerprints and I hope you love them as much as we do!

Shop our play mats here

Dough cutter sets

We started selling play dough cutter sets last summer and have been blown away by their popularity! As well as the existing dinosaur, unicorn, garden and fairy sets, you can now find loads of other themes such as space, safari, farm, transport and princess. These are great to add to your choice of play doughs to fit a themed play set up, or as a very special personalised gift.

Shop our choice of dough cutters here


Over the next few weeks we’ll be rolling out some brilliant new changes.

Our play kits will still come in their same Kraft gift boxes but now, instead of being tied with paper raffia and a swing tag, they’ll have a colourful cardboard sleeve and inside you’ll find my new, bespoke tissue paper.

The outer packaging is also getting a bit of a facelift! Instead of hand-wrapping each order in brown packing paper, our play kits will now be placed in a Kraft paper mailing bag. I’m proud that these mailers sit perfectly with my eco values, as they’re 100% recyclable and biodegradable - but they're also strong and water resistant, meaning that your order will be even better protected. Plus, they’ll save me a huge amount of time when I’m packing up your lovely orders!


Urgh. The 'B' word. As you’ll be aware, leaving the EU has led to major changes in how we, in the UK, trade with the rest of Europe. This includes the regulations around toy safety and also customs, tariffs and delivery logistics. It’s going to take some time for everyone to adjust and for the dust to settle. So, for now, we’ve reluctantly decided to stop selling to customers outside of the UK for the time being. I’m so sorry to my lovely EU customers, but hopefully we’ll be able to revisit this later in the year.

You may also notice that my products will now carry the UKCA mark, rather than the CE logo that you’re more familiar with. UKCA is the mark of the UK’s new safety standard which applies to toys as well as other things.

Newsletter and blog

As you’re reading this, I’m glad that you’ve found our new blog! I’m looking forward to use this space to share important updates, sneak peeks from behind the scenes and some simple but fun play ideas.

I’ve also recently set up a newsletter, which will the first place to hear about new product launches and our special offers throughout the year. If you’d like to see me in your inbox once a month, just click here!

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