For our first post highlighting one of our favourite small businesses, we’re so excited to introduce you to Tender Caramel.

With the tagline ‘handmade caramels with a conscience’, owner Beth, a former biochemist, trained chef, chocolatier and fellow mother of two, has started a business that’s truly close to her heart.

Focused on the importance of promoting good mental health, each and every order sees a donation made to charities and projects raising mental health awareness at home, in communities, at school or at work. And after a year that has affected all of us in its own way, I wanted to share a business that both does good – and tastes good!

The bigger dream is to not only donate, but raise awareness and connect people that need help, in any form. And by using her talents and passion for mindful creativity, we love Beth’s approach to playing her part.

Tender Caramel's handmade treats come in the form of wrapped caramels, chocolate caramel bonbons, liquid caramel, caramel giants and mini bon bons pockets. She also offers an incredible sweet subscription which delivers happy post to you (or as a gift!) for three months.

Especially for Valentine’s Day, Tender Caramel are launching two delicious new products, a chocolate salted caramel heart, and a chocolate box filled with salted caramel bon bons. These would make a perfect gift for a loved one, or even your favourite friend if you’d rather celebrate Galentine’s Day!

You can shop Tender Caramel’s products here.

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