It's been a whole year since we launched our Make Your Own Chocolate Sensory Dough kits and after your wonderful feedback, we're delighted to be bringing it back as part of this year's Easter collection.

With its rich, chocolatey scent it is definitely one of our favourite doughs and it is so versatile too! So we thought we'd share some new ideas on how to use your delicious chocolate dough this Spring to help inspire more play!

Get out your favourite farm animals

We've got a collection of toy animals and dinosaurs in our toy box, and we're especially fond of Schleich in our house. Choose your favourite figures and create some adorable footprints in the dough.

Tractors more your thing

We called it Mud Brown sensory dough for a reason! Create muddy fields and roll your toy tractors through the dough. For added fun, you could use your wood wool packaging as straw and some artificial grass to create a farm.

Decorate your own Easter eggs

Who said Easter eggs needed to be made out of chocolate? Why not chocolate play dough?! Roll out your dough and use an egg-shaped cutter (or our Easter Play Mats!) to create a set of Easter eggs. Use other colours of play dough, buttons, pom poms, pipe cleaners and anything else from the craft box to make your designs.

Build a birds nest

While you're out and about, collect twigs and feathers and use them, along with your dough, to build a nest for the Spring chicks.

"Bake" an Easter treat

We love using our play dough alongside our toy kitchen and utensils for some baking role play and what better dough to use than your chocolate scented dough?! Why don't you pair it with our white-chocolate scented Egg Shell sensory dough and have a go at making hot cross buns.

Get planting

Use your dough like soil and pretend to plant some Spring flowers. Just add some small pots and real or artificial flowers.

We'd love to hear and see your Spring-play ideas too - so don't forget to tag us in!

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