If you're anything like me, you'll be conscious of how your actions are impacting on the environment - and it's so important that we all do our bit to reduce the waste we produce.

From the very first days of Organised Chaos with Kids, we've been committed to using no plastic packaging, and no single-use plastics in our products. All of our play dough tins are recyclable and the stickers that we use are printed on recycled paper and are biodegradable too... but recently, we've been having a think about some other fun ways to utilise your used-up dough tins!

Storing loose parts

If you've seen our previous posts, you'll know we love small world play and using loose parts to make your child's dough play even more fun. But those small parts (think sensory rice, beads, conkers, acorns, buttons and teeny, tiny animal figures!) can easily get lost in the bottom of the craft box. Use our tins to keep those little treasures safe, adding labels to each tin to make them easier to find. They'd work brilliantly for small pieces of Lego too!

On your travels

If you're heading for a night away or are planning a holiday this year, our tins are great ways to store those essentials. Fill yours with soap and shampoo bars, medicines or hair clips and bobbles. Or you could even keep your reusable face wipes in them by your bathroom sink at home!

Growing seeds

Our tins are the perfect size to get your seeds started. Add compost into a clean tin, tap it gently to remove any air pockets, sow your seeds then water them before putting them in a sunny spot!

Use for water and paint pots

The next time you're setting up a painting activity, use our tins to separate your paints or to hold that all important brush-cleaning water.

Tooth fairy tin

If you're due a visit from the tooth fairy soon, why not add to the magic by using our tin to keep the tooth safe under the pillow? You could even ask your child to decorate it especially!

Snack pots

Fed up of digging squished snacks out of your bag? Using your old tins for snack pots has two great benefits. Firstly, they'll stop the food getting squashed under everything else we take on a day out with us. And secondly, they will enable you to cut down your packaging waste even further by bulk buying things like raisins and crackers and just decanting what you need into a tin.

Make candles

There are plenty of guides out there on how to make your own candles, and I know that many of you are crafty types! But as an alternative to glass jars, why not try mixing up your favourite scent in one of our tins? Add your own label and they'd make a lovely, homemade gift. Or if you prefer buying to making, you could use them to safely hold your tealights.

Storing jewellery

Do you struggle to keep a pair of matching earrings safe? Or always end up with your jewellery in a tangle? How about using our tins to store your jewellery or small valuables - you could even use a scrap of material to pin the jewellery through to make it extra secure.


Do you have cupboards full of herbs and spices? Or love creating your own rubs for the barbecue? Use our tins to store your spices and stack them up neatly in the cupboard.

Sewing bits and bobs

Just like with children's play, sewing comes with lots of small, easy-to-lose accessories. Use our tins to keep your needles, pins, buttons or thimbles organised.

Do you have any other suggestions on how to re-use our tins? We'd love to hear them!

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