Alongside our posts about play ideas, our behind-the-scenes news and the power of shopping small, I wanted to add some about top tips about how you can get the very most out of your Organised Chaos with Kids products.

Let’s start with the most important part – the sensory dough!

One of the best things about our dough is that it is handmade, using just five key ingredients. That means no toxins, no chemicals and no artificial preservatives, and makes our dough super soft and extra safe for your little ones.

Because it’s made in such a natural way, it means that it does have a shelf life and needs some love and attention to keep it in its best condition. Homemade sensory dough can last between 3 - 6 months if cared for well, but I’ve had customers tell me that their dough is still going strong after 18 months!

So, how should you care for your dough?

Play with it!

The best thing you can do for your dough is to play with it often. Homemade play dough LOVES to be handled. Squishing it regularly stops it from drying out, prevents salt crystals from forming and helps to keep it from going off.

Store it somewhere cool

Keeping your play dough somewhere cool will really help to prevent it from going off. In summer we like to keep ours in the fridge! Not only to it help make it last longer, but the kids love the sensation of the cool dough on their hands.

Store it in an airtight container

Just like branded dough, if the play dough is left out for too long, or not stored in an air tight container, the moisture will evaporate and it will go dry and salty.

Bring it back to life

If your dough does start to dry out for any reason then kneading it well with a small splash of oil will helps to restore it again.

You can see our full range of doughs, available in a huge variety of colours and scents, on our shop here.

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