When I was setting up Organised Chaos with Kids, the one thing I was wholly committed to from the beginning is that that there would be absolutely no plastic packaging, and no single use plastics in my products.

At the time, I didn’t realise then how challenging and expensive that would be, but I’m so proud of what we’ve managed to achieve and I hope that we can use this experience to show other businesses that they can do the same too. So here I've broken down all the elements of our packaging, with their eco-credentials.


I’ve recently made the change from parcel paper to Kraft mailing bags. I loved the sustainable properties of my parcel paper and paper tape but my word did they take a long time to wrap! I’m so pleased to have found the perfect compromise with these 100% biodegradable and recyclable mailing bags. Plus they are thicker and water resistant which should mean they protect your lovely orders better too.


I always use Kraft paper tape which is recyclable,  so you don’t have to remove it before recycling our larger packing boxes.

Void filler

99% of the filler I use when packing larger orders in boxes is reused from my own deliveries at home. I honestly get so excited when parcels arrive packed full of paper or biodegradable pellets and I store them up under my packing bench for when I need them! Occasionally you might find some bubble wrap in your order, but this is only ever stuff that has been reused and I would urge you to please do the same.


All of my stationary, postcards, swing tags, sleeves and information cards are printed on recycled paper. I hope most of this will be kept and used while you play with the products, but when the time comes these can all go into your recycling.

Wood wool

Although sadly the wood wool used to fill our gift boxes isn’t recyclable, there are so many other uses for it! You can burn it (it makes a great fire lighter!), compost it, use it to fill hampers or use it for play and craft activities (its especially handy around Easter!)

Aluminium tins

Our tins are air-tight and perfect for storing your play dough in. When the time comes to say goodbye to your dough, you can either give your tins a wash and reuse them around the house or recycle them.

Cotton bags

The cotton bags we use are perfect for storing our products or other goodies in. But when you’re ready to part with them, as they’re made of cotton, you can snip them up and stick them in the compost.


My tin labels are all printed on recycled paper. They’re also vegan and 100% biodegradable.

And finally, the treat for grown ups...

I include a tea bag in all of my orders for the parents to enjoy whilst their children are playing quietly. Most tea bags contain plastic, but not Clipper - which is why I chose to include it. So once you’ve enjoyed your cuppa it can go straight on the compost heap.

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