Although we're now able to see our friends and family outdoors, I know many of you will still have weekends to fill, especially while some restrictions are still in place. So, I've put together just a few Spring-themed play ideas I've enjoyed with my two little ones over the last few years - and I hope that you enjoy them too. They'd make great activities over the bank holiday weekend.

Pinecone bird feeders

This is a messy one, but lots of fun. First, head out to find some pine cones. Cover them in lard (using those little fingers to make them as sticky as possible!) and then roll in a variety of bird seeds. Hang them outdoors using ribbon or twine to help the bird mums and dads feed their baby birds this Spring.

Colourful sensory rice flowers

This is a great way to make use of those empty toilet (or kitchen roll) inside tubes. Simply give them a squash, and ask children to lay them out in flower shapes on card or a tray. Grab your favourite colours of sensory rice and use fingers, spoons or tongs to fill the flowers up. Draw on some stalks and you've made some very colourful flowers! This could also be great if you're learning about the parts of a flower at school.

Make a play dough nest

Most children love nothing more than being outdoors, collecting sticks and foliage, and this is a lovely way to make use of them when they inevitably make it home in their pockets. Use your favourite colour sensory dough to construct a bowl shape, and use those treasures to make a birds nest. Again, this is another one which can start some great conversations about nature!

Finger print blossoms

Nothing says Spring more than blossoms on the trees! Recreate them at home by drawing or painting sticks onto pieces of paper, and asking children to finger paints on the blossoms.

Threading beads onto features

If you're anything like me, you have an assortment of beads and buttons around your house. Help to improve those fine motor skills by setting up a bowl of feathers and a bowl of beads and asking children to thread them on.

I'd love to see your Spring-themed play ideas too, so as always, please do share them with us!
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