Although I am always sad to say goodbye to the warmer weather, Autumn is my favourite season...

Once those outdoor toys are packed away, the beach trips are over and ice creams aren't top of the treat list (who am I kidding - children love ice cream all year round!), we love getting cosy indoors with crafts and sensory dough play.

As we launch our Autumn collection for this year, I've put together some of our favourite seasonal play ideas that I hope you'll enjoy with your family too. So grab those comfy blankets, hot drinks and settle down to enjoy lots of Autumn-themed play.

Sensory dough hedgehogs

Just look at these little guys! A tin of sensory dough, googly eyes and toothpicks for spines are all you need to create your hedgehog family. You could also collect pine cones on your walks and use dough to make their heads, as well as gathering up leaves and other Autumn treasures to build them their very own home.

An Autumnal tree

Using our new Autumn play mats, or cardboard and felt tips, roll a selection of coloured dough to make beautiful leaves.

Roll up a batch of play dough balls and give them little hats using the acorn caps found on your adventures.

Let's pick apples

Make a tree out of dough and stick chickpeas, pom poms or bead 'apples' to it, before asking children to 'pick' them using tongs.

And with so much beauty in nature at this time of year, don't forget to collect conkers, leaves, acorns and pine cones on your walks too - they all make amazing prints in dough!

If you have a go at one of these activities, or have some of your own to share, don't forget to tag us in on Instagram - we love to see them!
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