Many of us have been trying to find more sustainable ways to live in recent years, whether it's using eco-friendly products, choosing those that have been ethically sourced and made, or simply thinking a little more closely about the way we make our purchases.

You'll know by now that the way we create and package our products is as sustainable as we can be and we love nothing more than to share ways to reuse our products and packaging (here's a recent blog on ways to reuse your dough tins!)

With that in mind, I thought it was time for me to introduce just some of our favourite eco businesses, all of which we use and some of which we're also lucky enough to call small business friends...

Wild deodorant

Millions of toiletries are thrown away each year but historically the natural alternatives just haven't been quite as effective. Wild deodorants are different, and their popularity is picking up speed quickly! Removing the need for harmful plastics, their deodorants are housed in aluminium cases with refills available in a range of gorgeous scents including fresh cotton & sea salt, orange & neroli (my personal favourite) and coconut & vanilla. And they're very effective (the most important part). Their products are made from premium natural ingredients and they've calculated that each time you use a Wild refill, you're saving 30g of plastic going to landfill - now that's impressive!


Smol offers eco-friendly cleaning with convenience that's affordable. Their refillable, returnable and recyclable packs save plastic, chemicals and carbon and their range of laundry detergents, surface sprays and dishwasher tablets are so effective they've won awards! Since launch, customers using their products have saved 750 tonnes of plastic, over 2,000 tonnes of chemicals and have used 12,000 less tonnes of carbon. We're big fans of their products in our house!

Little Karma Co

Little Karma Co offer the most incredible range of personalised, refillable, sustainable candles and make the perfect gift for someone special (or yourself!) They're handcrafted and made from 100% pure, natural essential oils with no nasties. Choose from scents such as calming lavender & patchouli, energising eucalyptus & lime or balancing bergamot & rose, and your order will be delivered in recycled, compostable and biodegradable packaging - our favourite kind!

Kankan London

Kankan delivers their botanical liquid soaps to you in an 'infinity recyclable' can (yes, you heard that right!) Their starter kits include a 'forever bottle' and you can choose to fill it with a range of body washes, hand washes or baby washes. Their products are vegan friendly, made from all natural ingredients, parabens and sulphate free and carbon positive, meaning you can smell incredible without any of the guilt.

I'm always on the look out for new, sustainable products - and even better if they're from a small business - so send across your recommendations!

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