In the month since we launched our brand new Summer collection, one of your favourite products has definitely been our Make Your Own Ice Cream Sensory Dough.

With the weather getting warmer and the school Summer holidays now in sight, many of you have been looking for activities to keep little hands busy and imaginations inspired.

Our Make Your Own Ice Cream kits not only contain everything you need to make three batches of deliciously-scented ‘ice cream’ dough, but promises hours of fun afterwards using the serving bowls and spoons included – plus any other props you have at home!

Ideal for small hands, we’ve included a simple dough recipe card along with three packets of sensory dough dry mix, sachets of natural dyes made from cocoa powder, strawberry powder and ground vanilla, along with the all-important vegetable oil. And once mixed up, you’ve got yourself three doughs, scented in the classic Neapolitan flavours of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate!

Now on to the playing. Here are just a few ideas from us, but the play opportunities really are endless with sensory dough – and don’t forget that if you take care of your dough, it can last from 3 – 6 months to see you right beyond the Summer.

Use your homemade dough to create an ice cream stand

Whether you have an ice cream stand toy at home, or make a simple one using a cardboard box, children will love setting up their own ice cream stand. Small children can scoop, stack and balance their ice creams with ease, and older children can be encouraged to write a menu and use play money or a till to take your orders.

Host a Summer picnic or a tea party

What's a Summer picnic without ice creams? Whether little ones have friends over to play, or are using their imaginations with their favourite toys, they'll love using the dough as part of a set-up with a blanket and a big helping of make-believe.

See what incredible ice cream creations you can make

Using sprinkles, ice lolly sticks and your other favourite doughs, your three ice cream 'flavours' are just the beginning. Add toppings, roll out some 'Flakes' and use ice lolly sticks to recreate all of your favourite frozen treats.

Our Make Your Own Ice Cream Sensory Dough kit is priced at £20, and can be bought here. Share your creations with us by tagging us on social media!

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