On Christmas Day morning, everyone who wakes up in my house will get a stocking delivered from the big man himself. That's right, even the grown ups get one! And they have to be opened first thing in our bed.

As you know from Organised Chaos with Kids' core values, waste and plastic aren't really my cup of tea and so every year I work hard to find the children a small selection of really magical gifts that feel as though they could have flown straight in from the North Pole. These are gifts that they can enjoy straight away or treasure for years to come.

My kids are now 8 and 6 years old and I am definitely finding this task more of a challenge as they get older (so far the only thing on their lists for Father Christmas are Pokemon cards!) but after scouring the web, I am so pleased with what I have found for their stockings this year and hopefully you will be able to get some inspiration from this too!

  1. Fossil Collection from British Fossils (bought from Conscious Craft)
  2. Aura Amethyst Cluster from British Fossils (bought from Conscious Craft)
  3. Mum and Dad Mice in Cigar Box from Maileg (bought from Conscious Craft)
  4. Penguin soft toy from Jellycat
  5. Polar bear bath bomb from Lush
  6. Liberty hair bows from Matilda and Grace
  7. Penguin Mini Kit from Organised Chaos with Kids
  8. Father Frost wooden puzzle from Wentworth Puzzles
  9. Great Outdoors playing cards from Chronicles Kids (bought from Conscious Craft)
  10. Felt Flower Fairies from Ambrosius (bought from Conscious Craft)
  11. Hot chocolate spoon from Cocoa Delicious
  12. Magic Forest marble set from Billies and Co.
  13. Personalised pencils from Meticulous Ink
  14. Nice lolly from Polar Post

And don't worry, I have also found some rather special, sparkly gold Pokemon cards to pop in there too!

When we come downstairs on Christmas morning, their stockings will be hung on the mantlepiece with their new Jellycat stuffed toy and Polar Post "Nice" lolly poking out of the top. Next to Father Christmas' plate will be their Polar Post letter and rosettes and a few snowy footprints that we make using our stencil from Nutmeg Studios.

One last note, every child, family and budget is different and that is FINE! This is what works for our family right now and I know it won't be for everyone but I hope you enjoyed having a little sneak peek at our stocking filler ideas and maybe even got some inspiration for your own shopping. I love hearing about different traditions at this time of year and so if you would like to share yours please do drop me an email or a DM!

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