With so many types of dough on the market, what sets our products aside from the big brands?
You know exactly what’s in it

Unlike some of the big brand doughs who don’t reveal their full recipe, we list our ingredients on every single product.

We make all of our sensory doughs with wheat flour, salt, vegetable oil, cream of tartar and water. Aside from flower petals, glitter and food grade colourings and flavourings to add to the sensory experience, there nothing else – and certainly no nasties!

We care for the environment

Our dough is packaged in aluminium air-tight tins rather than plastic pots, so that we can help to reduce our impact on the environment without affecting the quality of the dough or how long it stays fresh for. The labels on our tins are printed on recycled paper, which is vegan and 100% biodegradable.

We also take as many measures as we can to make sure that our packaging is recyclable and eco-friendly. We use cotton bags, cardboard boxes, Kraft mailing bags and paper tape when putting your order in the post.

It’s lovingly handmade

Our doughs are all handmade, by me, in our home. This means we make small batches rather than mass-producing our products. I really invested my time in creating the softest dough I could, and we love bringing a new colour or scent to you!

Use your nose…

We all know the smell of the big brand dough, it is nostalgic for many of us – but I think you’ll agree it’s not particularly pleasant!

Sensory dough isn’t just about the feel of the dough, its smell is a big part of your children’s play, and each of our colours has its own unique scent.

Quantity and quality

Our tins are significantly bigger than the standard shop bought ones, giving your children the opportunity to make even bigger creations without the dreaded colour mixing!

Our play kits include everything you need

We’ve created themed play kits which include sometimes dozens of individual materials or wooden loose parts.

Whether you have a construction mad child, one who loves the magic of fairies or you’re learning about space or dinosaurs at school, the kits have been thoroughly thought through and include everything your child needs to explore their imaginative side.

We also stock additional tools, play dough mats and plates, with everything you need easily available from one place.

Supporting a small business

You’ll know the phrase about doing happy dances… but it really is true! I’m a mother, a wife and a business owner and when you buy from Organised Chaos with Kids, you’re supporting my dream. So thank you!

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