I’m so excited to be able to tell you all about our brand new product line, the Make Your Own Sensory Dough Kits.

After a year with plenty of time spent at home, many of us have been creative in finding ways to keep the little ones entertained. I really hope that this makes it just a little bit easier - and creates lots of fun at the same time!

The story...

I had this idea back around Christmas time. My youngest loves helping out in the kitchen and is always eager to help me when I’m making play dough. She takes it very well when she hears, “not this time, this is for work” for the millionth time! But over the Christmas holidays we decided we’d make some dough together that was just for her.

She loved making her very own dough and was so proud of the end result. And this got my creative cogs whirring! Fast forward a few months of product development, testing and design work, and now we have our original Make Your Own Dough Kit and a limited edition, just for Easter, Make Your Own Chocolate Dough Kit. They come with everything you need to make your play dough including a simplified recipe card. All you need to do is add water!

The Original Kit

The original Make Your Own Dough Kit comes with 4 packets of our sensory dough dry mix. Each packet makes a batch of dough weighing approximately 220g, just a little smaller than the amount you’d get in one of our tins. The kit also includes a small tin of vegetable oil and 3 sachets of natural dye that you can use to make play dough in the primary colours; red, yellow and blue. And don't forget that by adding a little bit of imagination and creativity, you can make greens, oranges, purples and browns just by mixing them together! Add a small amount of dye for soft pastels, or use the whole packet for a punchy and bold colour. There's so much fun to be had!

And especially for Easter...

For Easter, we're excited to launch our limited edition Make Your Own Chocolate Dough kit. This kit is smaller and comes with a beautiful yellow sleeve to match our Spring branding. Included is one packet of our dry mix, vegetable oil and the all important, delicious-smelling chocolate powder.

We’ve also included a card with some simple play ideas to try out, making this a prefect activity for the upcoming Easter holidays.

I really hope that you love our new Make Your Own Sensory Dough Kits, and I can't wait to see the amazing dough that you create!

Photo credits: Fee Buxton Photography and Laura Aziz.

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